Whale Carved Bone Pendants for Wholesale

Whale Carved Bone Pendants for Wholesale

Today we will show you Whale Carved Bone Pendants. This bone pendants is popular enough. The material is from water buffalo bone and set with sterling silver bail.

Images of Whale Carved Bone Pendants

Below you will find Whale Carved Bone Pendants images for your reference.

Whale Bone Pendant 001

Whale family bone pendant

Whale Bone Pendant 002

Whale family bone pendant

The size of these pendants are about 60-70 mm high or wide.

If you are interested to buy Whale Carved Bone Pendants, the minimum order is 5 PCs per model. We advise you to read our terms and conditions before putting in an order. These bone pendants are made in Bali, Indonesia.

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