Devil Skull Standing Carving for Wholesale

Devil Skull Standing Carving for Wholesale

Today we will show you different carving that can be used as home decorations. Devil Skull Standing Carving is popular carving that is made from deer shed antler (local antler). As you see that the skull wear the robe. At the bottom we put wooden base to make the carving standing well.

Images of Devil Skull Standing Carving

Devil Skull Standing Carving can be purchased in wholesale. For your reference, please find the images below.

Devil Skull Carving (front view)
Devil Skull Carving (back view)
Devil Skull Carving (left side view)
Devil Skull Carving (right side view)

The size of Devil Skull Standing Carving is about 140-150 mm high including the wooden base.

If you are interested to buy this Devil Skull Standing Carving, the minimum order is 3 PCs. Please take a note that we can not guarantee that the color and size of the carving cause we use the natural material. This Devil Skull Standing Carving is made in Bali by our master carver.

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