Carved Human Skull Bone from Antler for Wholesale

Carved Human Skull Bone from Antler for Wholesale

Today we will show you Carved Human Skull Bone . This carving is made from deer shed antler (local antler). We offer you 2 size for this items: size 15 mm and 20 mm. You can use it this type of carving as bead for bone necklace, bone bracelet, key chain, etc.

Images of Carved Human Skull Bone

Carved Human Skull Bone from Antler, you can buy it at wholesale. For your reference, please find the images below.

Human Skull Antler 001

Sample Human Skull in antler without hole

Human Skull Antler 002

Sample Human Skull in antler with hole from top to bottom

If you like to order this kind of Carved Human Skull Bone from antler, the minimum order is 25 PCs per size per model. You can order in 2 sizes: 15 mm and 20 mm. Please make sure that the size is approximately. We can not guarantee that the color and size is the same as the picture. All of these Carved Human Skull Bones are made in Bali, Indonesia.

29 thoughts on “Carved Human Skull Bone from Antler for Wholesale”

  1. Is there a limit of how many you can buy,l only want a couple to see how the look,and how do you purchase them I can’t seem to get to that screen on your site.

  2. Hi looks cool

    I see minimum order 25 pieces

    How much for 25 skull pieces for the 20mm size including postage to U.K.

    Also how are they described for import, I am only asking due to possible customs tax


  3. Hi
    The skulls look great.
    How much for minimum order of 25.
    How much is postage to U.K.
    How are they described for import.

    Thank you

  4. Hello, I’m inquiring about the price, and minimum and maximum orders I can place. Thank you in advance for your time.


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