Brown Dragon Carved Bone Pendants for Wholesale

Brown Dragon Carved Bone Pendants for Wholesale

Today we will show you  Brown Dragon Carved Bone Pendants. These pendants are colored in antique. They are made from water buffalo bone and set with sterling silver bail.

Images of Brown Dragon Carved Bone Pendants

Below you will find the images of the Brown Dragon Carved Bone Pendants. You can purchase these bone pendants at wholesale.

Brown Dragon Bone Pendant 001

Chinese Dragon Bone Pendant

Brown Dragon Bone Pendant 002

Chinese Dragon Bone Pendant

The size of Brown Dragon Carved Bone Pendants is about 35-45 mm diameter or 60-70 mm high.

If you are wholesaler and interested to purchase these Brown Dragon Carved Bone Pendants, the minimum order is 5 PCs per model. Before putting in an order, please read our terms and conditions first. These bone pendants are made in Bali, Indonesia.

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  1. Im still not sure about your pricing..i dont understand the way you put much for each necklace..and how big are the pieces on the necklace..what are the largest antler or horn heads do you have..


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