Goddess Carved Bone Pendants for Wholesale

Goddess Carved Bone Pendants for Wholesale

Goddess Carved Bone Pendants is one of lots of items that you can buy at wholesale prices. We can give you good price, so you can still sell such kind of these items with reasonable price. This carving is made from the water buffalo bone and carved by talented master carver. The size is around 6-8 cm height.

Image of Goddess Carved Bone Pendants

This carved bone pendant is set with sterling silver bail. Here is the list of the goddess bone pendants images that you can buy at wholesale.

Goddess Pendant 001

Goddess Carved Bone Pendant 001
Goddess with Eagle

Goddess Pendant 002

Goddess Carved Bone Pendants 002
Goddess with Horse & Wolf

Goddess Pendant 003

Goddess Carved Bone Pendants 003
Goddess with Eagle & Wolf

Goddess Pendant 004

Goddess Carved Bone Pendants 004
Goddess with Bear & Wolf

Goddess Pendant 005

Goddess Carved Bone Pendants 004
Goddess with Whales

Goddess Pendant 006

Goddess with Eagles

Goddess Pendant 007

Goddess with Sea Horse and Sea Star

Goddess Pendant 008

Goddess with Hummingbird

The size of Goddess Carved Bone Pendants are about 60-70 mm high.

If you like to order these Goddesses Carved Bone Pendants, minimum order is 5 PCs per model. Please read our terms and conditions first before put an order. All of these carvings are handmade in Bali, Indonesia. For shipping, we only send by Express Mail Service (EMS) by Indonesia Post.

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