Wolf Hand Carved Bone Pendants for Wholesale

Wolf Hand Carved Bone Pendants for Wholesale

One of the best seller item from our carving is Wolf Hand Carved Bone Pendants. Mostly from this style we use material of buffalo bone. This style of carving can be made bone pendants such as howling wolf, wolf head, full body wolf or even combine with other Alaskan animals such as bear, owl, eagle, raven, moose, etc.

Image of Wolf Hand Carved Bone Pendants

Please find images Wolf Hand Carved Bone Pendants below for  your reference for wholesale purchase.

 Wolf Bone Pendant 001

Wolf-Hand-Carved-Bone-Pendants 1
Howling Wolf with Frame

Wolf Bone Pendant 002

Wolf Head

If you would like to order the Wolf Hand Carved Bone Pendants, the minimum order is 5 PCs/model. Please stated the item number when you put in an order. These carvings are made in Bali, Indonesia and set with sterling silver bale on top. We only handle the shipping by Express Mail Service (EMS) by Indonesia Post.

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