Totem Poles Bone Carving

Totem Poles Bone Carving

As quoted from, “Totem poles are monumental sculptures carved on poles, posts, or pillars with symbols or figures made from large trees, mostly western red cedar, by indigenous peoples of the Pacific Northwest coast of North America (northwestern United States and British Columbia). As a request from our customers, we made some models of┬áTotem Poles Bone Carving that is made from deer shed antler (local antler) which is combined with buffalo bone and put a wooden base.

Image of Totem Poles Bone Carving

Below you can find the images of the totem poles carving that we already made.

Totem Poles 001

Totem Poles Bone Carving (image 1)

Totem Poles 002

Totem Poles Bone Carving (image 2)

Totem Poles 003

Totem Poles Bone Carving (image 3)

The size of these carvings are around 15-17 cm high.

If you like to order this kind of carving, we can make it, but please make sure the size and color of the carving depend on the availability of the material. This carvings are made in Bali, Indonesia.

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