Goddess Bone Carving Pendants

Goddess Bone Carving Pendants …Different

This another special Goddess Bone Carving Pendants that are made by our special master carver. The goddess is carved with other animals or flower like turtles and an owl. The material is from water buffalo bone and set with sterling silver bale. This is truly different bone carving pendants.

Images of Goddess Bone Carving Pendants

Below you can find images of this special pendants.

Goddess with Turtles
Goddess with Turtles
Goddess with Owl
Goddess with Flowers
Goddess with Turtles

The size of Goddess Bone Carving Pendants is around 70-80 mm high.

Goddess Bone Carving Pendants is not sold for wholesale. This is special items and has high art value. They are handmade in Bali, Indonesia.

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