Deer Antler Carving Pendants

Deer Antler Carving Pendants

One part of the antler material that be used for nice carving is the antler burr. This time we will show you Deer Antler Carving Pendants that is carved inside of the antler burr. The bone pendants are like have a frame. We take out the material that is not carved and make it really nice.

Images of Deer Antler Carving Pendants

Below you find find some images of Deer Antler Carving Pendants that we already made.

Deer around the tree
Deer around the tree
Deer head

The size of Deer Antler Carving Pendants depends on the size of the material (free size). It is set with sterling silver bail.

Deer Antler Carving Pendants cannot be in wholesale. If you like these kind of style, you can contact us. Deer Antler Carving Pendants is made in Bali, Indonesia by our master carver.

7 thoughts on “Deer Antler Carving Pendants”

  1. I have never seen such beauty and perfection in detail.
    This goes beyond art; it is perfection not only of the artist but concept.

  2. The first one is beautiful <3 Such perfection, i am a huge fan of stags since i know my totem animal is a red deer. Is it possible to buy this first one as a necklace? If yes how big will it be and how much will it cost?

    I just wanna say I adore your work and wonder as well what kind of wood you have used? Anyway its beautiful and understand if its not to cell 🙂

    Love your work and hopefully see your answer soon.
    Greats, Danielle

    • This kind of carving is not available any more. We listed the item for our reader reference. You can contact us via email so we can send the stock that we have to you for deer carving in antler burr. Thanks.


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